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“A good trainer can change your body, but a GREAT trainer can change your life…Drew Logan changed my life! 25Days will change YOUR life!”

“Drew tells it like it is. No double-talk. No pulling punches. No gimmicks or nonsense. The 25Days workout is awesome, the food is great, and the methods for re-programming your habits are smart…I love it!”

“25Days is the ultimate tool for fitness. Drew’s practical and precise methods are, all at once, efficient and effective. He’s able to break down and demystify the process of getting into your best shape; both physically many fit and healthy people.”

“Despite daily physical and psychological reminders of his SCA, Drew works hard to deliver an invigorating shock to anyone looking to transform their body! In 25Days…he succeeds!”

“Drew is one of the toughest trainers I ever had as a professional athlete. He really knows his stuff, and I am thrilled to see him putting that knowledge in 25Days for everyone to read!”

“I LOVE the message of 25Days, as well as the simplicity of Drew’s programming. Too often we look for quick fixes that don’t last but Drew has created an easy and effective plan for living the best version of yourself!”

“…a true Master can strip away the nonsense and focus on the details that are responsible for success! In 25Days, Drew masterfully guides the reader towards self discovery & empowerment by making getting in the best shape of your life and attainable goal that can last FOREVER! This is more than a valuable tool…it is an indispensable guide!”

“There a very few people in our line of work that I consider a peer 100% across the board, but Drew Logan is one of them. In 25Days, Drew shows why he is one of the top elite professionals in the fitness industry by teaching you how working smarter, not just harder, can change your life forever!”

“Without Drew, I would not have the amazing and fulfilling career I am now enjoying! I fulfilled my potential because Drew gave me the tools to get me where I wanted to go & beyond – If there is anyone capable of changing your life, it’s this guy! 25Days will change your life in ways you never dreamed…GET THIS BOOK!”

“Drew Logan is a rare force of nature! His 25Days book is a proven approach to get your mind and body right. If you want an innovative, no nonsense, creative program to get you great results in little time…read this book!”

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